Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jian Ghomeshi interviews Mad Men writer/co-producer (and Montréal native) Dahvi Waller

Jian Ghomeshi is one of my favourite radio interviewers on his show Q. See his interview of Billy Bob Thorton to get an idea of his style.

In in his interview of  Dahvi Waller there is a great segment about the accuracy of the lingerie in the show dealing with the girdle the stewardess was wearing in the episode when Don Draper gets close to jiggy with her before the hotel's fire alarm goes off. Her interview is the first one and should start playing when you click the link below.

Click here for interview.

Plus Dahvi Waller is Canadian and Mad Men is so hot right now. Lots of great Canadian writing talent impacts American culture.


  1. Hi, do you know that the audio automatically starts playing when you load the page? Was that your intention?

  2. Um, not really but I do not know how to embed an MP3 podcast link into a post so I did it so it did start playing when you came to the site.

    Any ideas of how to embed into a post?

  3. Nope, but I can say the audio is really jarring for people who don't expect it. :-)

  4. You've got an amazing blog. This is my first time here. I really like it a lot. Cheers!

  5. @ Treacle: Thanks for the feedback. I removed the audio and placed a link in the post.

    @ Keith: Thanks. keep coming back and feel free to make comments and suggestions!


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