Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Submissive ann

Happy birthday ann!

Now some of you are wondering why I am using the lower case 'a' and not capitalizing it and if you do not know why you might think I am being disrespectful to ann but I am not being so at all.

ann is someone I met online at some years ago. ann was always wonderful in responding to my questions and ideas as we participated on the forums there in the good old days before the sell-out to Andrew Conru and then to Penthouse. I eventually joined her Yahoo Group and as time progressed we created a friendship online based on just that - mutual friendship based on similar interests.

ann is one of those unique people in the world. She is one in a million as she lives and breathes her interest in fetish to the max and I always found her personal interest in sharing her experiences and perspectives so refreshing and articulate (like several other people I know!).

Part of her experience in life leads to extensive travel and I got the distinct pleasure to meet her in person in Toronto last summer and today it is her birthday so I thought I would take a moment and honour her existence and impact she has had on my life. No, it is not earth shaking, sexual, or intimate but her essence as one of the most highly ethical and respectable people I have EVER met made an impact on me.

We got to share some preciously great sushi, wine and conversation at one of the most kick ass hotels in North America called The Drake. ann was a wonderful sight for the eyes and the psyche. Poised, articulate, effervescent, capable, sexy, fun, coy, mysterious, open and wonderful all rolled into one.

So ann, if you are out there and raising a glass for your birthday please know I am doing so too in silent appreciation of this day you were given to the world!

PS:  Link to ann approved fetish story involving her and yours truly.

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  1. We should savor connections like this one.

    Over the course of a lifetime, they are exceedingly rare, and sometimes we don't recognize them when they occur.

    Thanks, Eric.


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