Sunday, August 2, 2009

Visual Incantation

Funny how an image can bring memory to the forefron of one's mind. Library Vixen's image did just that...

I had the distinct honour of being involved with Ginny for 2 years. She was 13 years my senior yet she looked and had the body of a 26 year old.

I had the distinct moment of realizing her just exactly her age when, after several months of building up my courage I asked her out one evening at our local ski club. She smiled brightly and said, “Thanks for the GREATEST birthday present!” I asked her why as I, in fact, did not know it was her birthday and being such I did not have a present. So I was naturally curious as to what she meant. I expressed such convincing disbelief that she offered her driver’s license to me and it WAS true. She was that very day now 40 years old. I was amazed and she thanked me again for making her day.

Nothing, sadly, came of that offer for a date but fast forward to the next ski season and we met again at the ski club and over that Christmas we went skiing in Holiday Valley and began a slow but steadily building emotional and physical relationship. Ginny was an amazing person to know. She was youthful in spirit and incandescent in her optimism and love for her family and friends. I enjoyed being with her and soon every weekend was spent together skiing up north or at the club. My family had a condo in Collingwood and we would blast up there on a Friday night, make a wonderful meal, sip some wine, make love and then hit the hills first thing in the morning. Sometimes we made it up there so early we skied that evening to closing and then Saturday and Sunday. The weekends were a blissful celebration of physicality. Both in sharing a deep passion for skiing and for each other.

Ginny introduced me to Australian wines and jazz and I have to admit that I am not sure what I brought to her. I was an attentive lover and friend and at that stage in her life maybe she needed the assurance of youthful desire from a male. I know that she was sometimes conscious of the age difference but it did not play into our relationship in a negative way.

For all her spirit Ginny was a conventional lover. Competently courteous and diligent and she loved making love but I have to admit from my perspective I always felt she was holding back. I tended to be the initiator and accepted my role more than willingly. Having said this we both shared more than just the sexual sharing of a couple. We enjoyed each other’s company greatly. We talked, cuddled and connected on more levels than the bedroom.

As the skiing season came to the end in Ontario we both felt the need for speed. Ginny and I were both drawn to getting some hill time and the weather in Ontario made for a short ski season that year. Putting our heads together, and this was before the Internet, and our sources about ski conditions we determined there was some decent skiing to be had at Killington, Vermont. A plan was made and we both kludged together time off for a long weekend as no provincial or federal holidays were present in the near future to take advantage of making for a long weekend by fiat.

We planned and packed the accoutrements of skiers. Clothes, crackers, cheese, wine, some pate and other sensual and gastronomic delights and headed of early in the evening of a Thursday. We drove late into the night and stopped near the New York – Vermont border and then rose early and drove to Killington. I think people thought we were crazy when we stopped for breakfast because we had our skiing clothes on and there was not a stitch of snow on the ground at all. This was a bit worrisome for us but as we drove closer to the hill we saw the white cap of the tallest peak and we knew there would be skiing to be had. Spring skiing for sure but skiing!

After a great day skiing we went to our hotel to get our room and had a wonderful evenings meal and fell exhausted into bed.

The next day was early and full and we skied hard to around 3 and decided to pack it in early and relax at the hotel. Ginny was the embodiment of water baby – someone that loved water in all forms and the hotel had a hot tub on a deck and we decided to take advantage of it. We snuck some wine down to the deck and being that for all intents and purposes the ski season was over there was no one there. We effectively had the hotel and its facilities.

I guess I should have known about Ginny and hot tubs but up until that point I had never been in one with her. She was wearing a string bikini and she was much more amorous and forward than normal. She sidled into the crux of my arm and before I knew it she was gently caressing me. I was glad for the bubbling water for it hid her motions and my apt physical reaction. I was so pleased by her attention and she took a moment and disengaged from me and made a swift motion and slid back beside me. Pulling my free hand to her she slid it down revealing that she had no bikini bottom on.

What to do? Thing was that the hotel was NOT totally ours. The hot tub was below the dining room and I could see patrons ordering drinks and meals. I figured this was Ginny making for an extended act of foreplay and that things would culminate in our room.

I was wrong.

Tugging at my waist band she muttered demurely at me being chicken and gave me this transfixing smile of challenge. I did not need to take the hint. Swoosh went my bathing suit and now we both enjoyed mutual access and pleasure.

Ginny was not done.

Sliding one leg over me she straddled me and we began to couple slowly. In part because we were being gentle but in part because we did not want to telegraph to readily to others what the frack was going on. Suffice to say that eventually I had the nail marks on my back from the pleasure Ginny enjoyed of us.

Then as smart and innocent as an imp she slid off me and reached into the water and retrieved her and my suit and put hers on. We caressed and nuzzled and when our wine was done got out and headed in to the change room to towel off.

Inside the basement of the hotel was a men’s and women’s change room with a sauna located equidistant between. As I walked to fetch my towel Ginny grabbed my hand and led me into the sauna. We left the lights off for obvious reasons and made love again, this time completely naked and with the passion of the chance of discovery.

After we showered off and changed we went for dinner. I have to admit there were several servers looking at us with knowing eyes and both Ginny and my eyes glinted mutual recognition of the cat being caught lapping spilt milk.

I treasure my time with Ginny for more than that adventure. But it is one of the singular experiences that I will remember always.

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