Sunday, August 23, 2009

Post Secret

Post Secret is awesome. A simple concept: people send in post cards of all sorts with short concise messages on them and the site posts them.

This particular image is evocative. I like a woman that wants to feel "trashy". I am not really sure were this comes from for her or me. One thing is for sure that over the range of love making or sex there is room to be gentle and caring and there is room for hot sweaty headboard banging I don't give a fuck about your needs right now sex. It continues to amaze me when a lover allows you and themselves the permission to be something more sexually. That act of mutual consent is a powerful aphrodisiac for both people and what can be amazing and healthy is that it is momentary. It only represents on aspect of the partnership.

I pity the poor fucks that only know their own needs or have limited needs. I want my partnership to revel is as wide ranging expressions of sexuality and intimacy as possible. The missionary position is not enough.

Vive Le Difference!

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