Saturday, August 15, 2009

Megan Fox: Now you see them and now you don't.

Megan Fox in patterned hose.

Megan Fox appears NOT to be wearing hose.

Same dress. Same purse.


  1. Two observations about the photos:
    1. Megan has taken off her hose at some point, and has put them in her bag
    2. She will put them back on once she's safely inside my townhouse, which she's just about to enter

  2. You and I must live in the same townhouse.

  3. *la la la not thinking about the two of you doing things to Megan Fox in the same townhouse*

    She has not removed her hose. If you look closely at the inside of her left thigh next to the hem(on the right side of the image) you can see the nude fishnets, but just barely.

    I approve mightily of nude fishnets, for the record.

    Re: your poll, Eric. Can you get us Branson?

  4. She's still wearing them, look closely at the hemline of her dress, you can just see the criss-cross pattern. Trick of the light.

  5. SV,

    Actually I remember now. I had Megan after Blake Lively and I met in the parking garage of my townhouse. I removed the hose and have them as a memento for as Megan said, "I job well done."

    As to Richard...

    I will PIN him on his Blackberry and see what he thinks. He owes me one.

  6. I will get the definitive answer from Megan this morning. I just looked in on her, and she's still sleeping; we were up quite late last night.


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