Sunday, May 10, 2009

When did You Become Aware of Stockings Poll Results

Thanks everybody who participated. I appreciate those who take the time to do the polls!

As a minor - (80%)

I have to admit being pleased with this result. I was one of the 80% in this category and it is good to know I am not alone. Seems that the vast majority of peoples awakening to stockings occurs as a minor. I am not surprised with this result since from my experience I was in my pre-teens when I saw my first set of stockings. I would definitely class this as imprinting in my case and that imprinting had a huge impact on my responses to specific stimuli - namely stockings.

18 to 30 - (6%)

As we can see the following 3 categories shared the same percentage and I simply do not think there needs to be any commentary or judgement as to when you became aware of stockings. The important thing is you did become aware and I hope you enjoy your awareness as much as I do!

31 to 40 - (6%)

41 and up - (6%)

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