Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Am Not Beautiful

"I am not beautiful,"
she said to me.

"You are beautiful to me,"
I said, noting the sadness in her eyes.

"But my tits sag. My ass is getting too big,"
she countered.
"Yes your tits do sag,"
I said softly.
"Your honesty HURTS me,"
she spit.
"But you are beautiful to me. What about that honesty,"
I wondered out loud.
"Yeah right,"
she offered.
"Come here,"
I offered.
She lay against the other side of the bed
A continent between us.
"Then I am coming there,"
softly I said.
Pulling her to me
Collapsing the continent between us.
"You are beautiful to me,"
I offered again softly.
"I know. When you say it I believe it. When I think it I do not,"
she disclosed.
"Look into my eyes, my love,"
I asked.
"I can almost believe it too,"
she offered.
"Take that as truth and let me love you,"
I whispered.
"Oh yes..."

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