Monday, May 4, 2009

Poll Results: Have you ever...

Use stockings to entice a lover? (33%)

I am actually surprised to see such a low response but I guess from my male perspective (liking stockings like I do) I really thought this number would be higher. I wonder why it is not? Perhaps because the wearer knows that stockings already create a reaction from their lover? Or is it because the majority of respondents simply wear stockings for their own purposes?

Used stockings to make yourself feel sexy. (83%)

I am so interested in this response. I think it is wonderful that the wearing of stockings makes the wearer feel sexy. Please note that you are sexy with or without stockings but being the wearer if it makes you feel more sexy all the more power to you!

Been disappointed by your lover's lack of appreciation for your stockings? (16%)

To the people that have had this happen let me first say that I know I would appreciate it if you did that for me. But more importantly you tried something and it did not get the response you expected. It happens all the time but luckily, I hope, with way less frequency than the other things a person does to enhance their sexuality and sex life.

Been pleased by your lover's appreciation for your stockings? (50%)

I found this response interesting as well and was expecting a way higher number. I wonder what this means? Could it be that the person that is the receiver of the visual delight of stockings focused too much on the stockings and not on the person wearing them? If this is the case that can be a real turn off for the person taking the time and effort to wear the stockings. It is wonderful to have a fetish and share it but if one obsess about it and really articulates their obsession on the physical object of the stockings and not the person wearing them that can be a real turn off.

Been to shy to wear stockings? (33%)

Another interesting result and again a number higher than I expected. Perhaps, from my perspective, being relatively open minded about the needs of my partner I want to share what they want to share with me. I am more than pleased to let turnabout be part of my sexual experience and be open to the things that turn on my partner. And trust me... I have been asked to share some very interesting sexual proclivities!

And I do have to remeber that not everyone wears stockings for sexual arousal of themselves or others.

I want to thank all those people that participated in the poll.

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