Monday, February 11, 2013

Tarra White Squirts

Tarra White Squirts...

I don't post many videos on my blog but I thought I would make mention of this wonderful video. Oh, sure, the title from xHamster makes it sound cheap and tawdry but please take a moment or more (14:34 of more) to view it. You might mute the repetitive music and simply watch the wonderful photography in silence. There are so many types of porn online and some is so simply unimaginative and uninspiring but every once and a while one happens on something that stands out.

What caught my eye was the black hose in contrast to Tarra's white skin and the white surface on which she cavorts and writhes as she masturbates herself. And if you are still watching (approx. 6 minutes into the video) the music stops and you get to enjoy the sound of her moans as she uses two glass dildos on herself.

You hear the waves and the wind in the background as she pleasures herself and her legs move in a fluidity that reminds me of how a woman's legs move as you pleasure her.

Sadly, I cannot find a page dedicated to her but she is on Facebook and Twitter so you can connect with her through those methods.


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  1. I enjoyed watching this several times now! Thanks for posting it.


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