Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sightings: The Trench Coat

As I do not work in the store anymore and am out doing service calls I do not get the chance to see the wonderful variety of the female form as I would like. Oh, I love my job, but most times the female clients are dressed very casually (since I do mostly calls in home) and are of average looks. Don't get me wrong. Many are beautiful but simple NOT memorable.

But today Campers I was grocery shopping and as I left the store with my purchases I heard that wonderful click-clop of high heels behind me. I used the excuse of going to my car's passenger door to place my purchases in my car so I could gander/perve/watch/appreciate the source of such a wonderful sound.

It was worth it...

No hose but a small tattoo on her ankle.
Great legs.
Mid height heels.

So in honour of this wonderful apparition I offer you this...

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