Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Teasing Teacher

A great tumblr... The Teasing Teacher!

As the poster states: "{ EXCLUSIVE and ORIGINAL CONTENTS ONLY }
Teasing (arts) with a taste of glam and fashion. Special focus on pantyhose, stockings, lingerie, lace and outfits. Here you don't find hardcore but just warm and soft fantasies...

I'm a graphic designer and amateur photographer. Lady in the pics is an amateur model."


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing that blog with us, will be checking it out regularly.

  2. You post this on my tumblr blog:
    Eric • 5 hours ago
    I would be happy to promote your wonderful blog. Google Nylon Dreams and look for my blogger blog.
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    theteasingteacher MOD • 6 minutes ago • parent −
    Thank you. I had search and found you...we have a blogger page too...now I try to contact you...;)

    And I have to tell you thank you very much...we hade a blog here too: http://theteasingteacher.blogspot.it/ but for now is only a bookmark...


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