Friday, April 20, 2012

Problems with this Blog

Several people have commented about the problems they have loading this blog. They are few and far between but I can only feedback to you that I have no problems seeing this blog from my desktop, laptop, iPad, and other computers at other locations.

I am a computer technician so I have experience and see this ALL the time.

So with that in mind perhaps some tips and suggestions might help...

IE Tips


Google Chrome:  not much in the way of resources and may be too technical for some.

  1. Make sure all your secondary apps like Flash and Java are up to date. Remember that there is a different version of Flash for each type of web browser.
  2. Many 3rd party web browser add-ons can slow a computer down. They offer benefits sometimes at the cost of your internet browsing speed.
  3. If you ISP speed is under 2 MB/s forget it. Today's internet is content rich and some of the photos posted here are over a meg in size so the entire page with all its pictures can take some time to load.
  4. If your operating system is over 2 years old back up your stuff and reinstall it. I reformat my drive and reinstall at least once a year. Makes a world of difference! And any viruses lurking that your anti virus has not found are gone (generally).
  5. If you are running Windows XP with less than 1 GB forget about it. Get more RAM.
  6. If you are running Windows Vista or 7 with less than 3 GBs forget about it. Get more RAM.
  7. Start Task Manager and take a look at your processes. If you have more than 60 you need to figure out what you need and do not need and remove any software entries that are messing with your box. Almost every time you install something it usually wants to start on start up. Have Adobe Reader? iTunes?
  8. As above and look at CPU usage. If it is above 10 percent or fluctuates then you have processes running using CPU cycles. Close everything and check again.
  9. Take a look at Physical Memory. I have a 12 GB box and right now it is at 34% with a wack of stuff open. Some programs and browsers have memory leaks and they slowly use more and more RAM.
  10. Update your browser.
  11. Try browsing in Safe Mode. If there is a big difference then you have some sort of OS issue.
  12. Tune up your computer. I recommend CCleaner. Sure there are more aggressive utilities but I have used it for years and swear by it. You need to use CCleaner even if you have deleted your cookies and browser entries through the web browser. Clean the registry and then take a look at the start up items. More than 10 start up items and your box is the shit. Get that fixed by someone that knows what they are doing. Randomly removing entries if you do not know what you are doing can cause problems.


  1. It's usually a third-party app in the sidebar on these Blogspot blogs. Right now, I am doing better here in Compatibility View mode in IE9. Try to think of what you've added to the blog recently. You don't know me, but I'm very experienced at all this, for long enough to know it's always the other guy's fault.

    1. Steve it might be the poll as that is the last thing I added so will remove it and see what happens.

  2. What do you think it is? I get over 700 unique visitors a day and only two or three of then have issues. I have not added anything to my blog recently.

  3. MT, thanks for the tips. Not sure where the problem is, my DSL is not the fastest, but should be fast enough. I downloaded CCleaner and will install and try it in the near future.


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