Monday, November 14, 2011

Yvonne Brulatour Sciò

I first saw Yvonne Brulatour Sciò in this music video years ago and was entranced by her looks:

She is an Italian model and she fits the part she plays in the video so well. She has such wonderful full hair and her smile is entrancing and impish as she takes off her jacket and transforms into an "angel" during the music video. There is something winsome and true about this song and I have felt this way about several former lovers. The song is hopeful. Or it is melancholy in its message. I am not sure. What do you think?

Her site can be found here...

Wikipedia offers little but IMDB offers us a tantalizingly more/less insight into this beauty...

"An Italian actress and model, Yvonne started her career with a commercial that aired in Italy for 10 years. After that she starred in the Italian show "Non è la Rai" for one season. During the 90s Yvonne worked mainly in USA, France and Spain and starred in Tal Bachman's video "She's so high". She has just finished three Italian movies: "Vite Spericolate", "K.Il Bandito" and Pupi Avati's thriller "The Hideout". She's getting ready to start shooting a new TV-series called "Polstrada" alongside Vanessa Gravina, Daniel Ducruet and Naike Rivelli."

 Some images to round out this post:

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