Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Repost for Gordon

Gordon Pym is a great fan and follower. He and I share a penchant for attractive females. He was asking me today about a particular post and it is worthy of his time in writing me to re-post it here...

My favourite...

Why do I like this set? Something about the apparent sophistication of the woman in the photos draws me to them. Who is the man? Is it her lover or is it her husband? Is she putting on her makeup before or after coitus? Is she some bored Westchester, New York socialite who rendezvous in a dingy motel out loneliness and boredom or does she crave the hardness of a man who is in contrast to her husband she captured as a trophy wife?

In the photo of my favourite has the terms of their meeting changed? Is she be subjugated to his will or is she responding to his offer. And what IS he offering.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you indeed, Eric!
    No doubt, he is her lover.
    The make up is after their meeting, before she goes home to give a detailed feedback of it to hubby ;o)


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