Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's the Story that Counts

If you have a moment please drop by Gordon's tumblr page and read through his story. As he says, it is the story that counts and not the pictures and I agree.

Imagine being away, at sea, and helpless to physically intervene as a series of images of someone you love come to you, one picture a day for a month, as the story unfold before you. Each glimpse of her a reminder of her beauty and poise but with a twist.

Sensual torture?

"Surrounded by silence, my senses were enhanced by the blindfold that I was wearing. I could hear nothing but the electronic noise of the clicks of his camera. He was probably standing in front of me, to have a better view of me, bra-less and panty-less. So, instinctively, I slowly opened my legs apart, feelig that that was my duty, and showing him … showing him what you can see here."

It would be for me.

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