Monday, April 18, 2011

Let Me Smooth Those Wrinkles


  1. OMG!
    Have you seen that first photo?
    I spotted it on Sissy Ashley Kate's blog yetserday, and couldn't resist to reblog it immediatelly.
    (I see that you couldn't resist as well ;o)
    Those wrinkles are so sexy !
    I mean, the whole photo is sexy (the model, her skirt, her pose, her shapely legs). But those wrinkles add that something which makes it all !
    Alas I couldn't find an higher resolution/bigger size photo!
    Can anyone help? The name of the model or photoshooting title would help as well... Thanks
    - GordonPym

  2. Gordon,

    I think I saw that photo before but did not post it. She is amazing. The total "package" as it were.

    The model's name is Mosh and her images seem to be almost flooding tumblr and other sites so I am sure you can find a higher resolution image around somewhere.

    As to wrinkles... Why I like them.

    1. The break up the natural smoothness of the woman's leg and make one focus on that area. It creates attention to her legs.

    2. I like the opportunity to smooth the wrinkles for my lover.

    3. It is a place where your fingers or teeth can get purchase to tear the stockings.

  3. Thank you Eric for the clarification on model's name.
    About wrinkles: agre 100% ! Indeed !!!


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