Friday, January 14, 2011


I had the most vivid dream of my first wife last night.

I was an RCAF pilot stationed in Egypt and I was driving from my airfield billet into the nearest town for a drink. As my Jeep crested a hill there was this strawberry blonde woman dressed in an immaculate white line skirt and top walking towards my squadron's location. I noticed her black pumps and butterscotch coloured stockings and pulled over to ask her is she needed a lift. She acknowledge me and asked me to driver her into the desert. I assented to her request and we set off.

Turning around and driving past my airfield I found a track leading towards some dunes in the distance. Eventually the dunes became so prominent that my Jeep could not climb over them and she asked me to stop. I did so and she stepped out into the sand and taking off her high heeled shoes she started up the nearest dune. I followed her unclasping my holster cover of my Webley revolver as a precaution and struggled up the sand embankment to join her.

The sun was setting in the West and faint flashes of an artillery duel became noticeable in the fading dusk.

She turned to me and asked me if I was afraid to die and I nodded solemnly. She took my hand and kissed me on the cheek and whispered that I would live on and then lay down on the sand and opened her legs.

I was offered some form of immortality and decided to take her offer. In the soft crump of the artillery duel we made love and then she asked me to take her to her quarters and I never saw her again.

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