Friday, December 17, 2010

Memories of Mary Part 1

Had occasion to do a service call north of my home town and reminded me of a wonderful encounter with a lady.

Mary had contacted me on Lavalife and we chatted for a bit over LL's chat program. All of a sudden she asks me if I was available that right now! I was surprised because even though we both "met" in the Intimates section (or is that sextion) I was not expecting a woman of such yearning and need. It was mid-January and the roads were bad but given her need and my wish to fulfill her's as well as mine I relented. I drove up and after a bit of conversation and wine we, shall I say, hit it off.

Mary was in her mid-50s and since she lived in a very small town she wanted discretion so our sexual romance would occur on the weekends starting rather late at night. She never wanted me to stay over but we both were having our mutual needs met and it was not the type of relationship that would engender in me the desire to stay over. We enjoyed each others company in this strictly defined criteria and I appreciated her being so frank as to her needs in this regard.

Mary was a conventional lover. She had no real fetishes or preferences as much as she wanted to fuck and be fucked. And we did. Our window of opportunity was necessarily short as it was an hour drive there and back for me but what time we shared was wonderfully intense and, shall I say, productive for both of us.

On one occasion I wanted to "treat" her. I emailed her an invitation to this idea and she agreed. I only let her know it was a night of pampering for her. Keeping the details secret only led to greater curiosity and expectation for both of us.

On the appointed night I arrived and asked to have some time to prepare in her bedroom. I asked her to put on a slip and poured her a glass of wine and as she waited I set candles through out her room, set up some romantic music and lay out some massage oil (which I warmed), some artists paint brushes, and a small bottle filled with wine with a small pour spout.

Beckoning her I had her come into the room and put a blindfold on and proceeded to caress and kiss her body as she stood beside the bed. Slowly I lifted her slip and as each part of her body was exposed I kissed and caressed that area until the slip came off over her head. Kissing her gently I guided her to lay down on the bed and then taken the wine poured small amounts on her breasts and licked the wine off and then would kiss her mouth. Drizzling the wine over her stomach and then on her pussy I licked that off as well.

Her arousal was growing and sometimes it is very erotic to change gears to sustain the event. She was opening her legs and pulling me to her but I got off the bed and told her to roll onto her stomach. She did so a bit reluctantly but was rewarded with a massage using vanilla scented massage oil. I would drip the warm oil on the base of her spine and slowly massaged her back and neck moving to her arms and even her fingers. Then I massaged each leg and foot taking time to hold her feet together and use her arches to pleasure my cock.

By this time I wanted her! Probably more than she wanted me but that WAS not the plan. Pulling her legs I signaled her to roll onto her back and now the paint brushes and massage oil came into play. Before I proceeded though I felt my ministrations deserved a little recognition and standing at the side of her bed at the headboard I dripped some wine onto my cock and had her lick it off. Mary was great at head and her head moved naturally to suck me more but I restrained her and asked her if she wanted more wine. She said yes and we repeated this method of wine tasting for about 5 minutes.

Getting on the bed I kneeled between her warm soft thighs and dabbing a bit of massage oil on my brush I began to paint her nipples with it. Lightly I rubbed in the oil onto each erect nipple and the kissed and suckled on them. Her hands encompassed my head and she held me to her as her body writhed. I then proceeded to "paint" each breast with massage oil and then outline the area under each breast where the skin of the breast meets the beginning of her stomach. That line is very erogenous in my experience. The paint brush moved down to her pussy and I painted her lips and her clit. Using short light flicks of the brush I teased her clit and alternated this with licking her. She was writhing now and clutching at my hair and I stopped and asked her what was "wrong".

Nothing...but she wanted to fuck me and cum. I rolled onto my back and she smoothly followed my movement until she was on top of me. Suffice to say she did and so did I!

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