Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your Shoes

I was in your apartment serving you and I noticed your shoes. A rack of shoes. On the top rack high heels. Three pair. All with heels over 3 inches in height. I wondered when and whom you wore them for and wished it was me. That blond hair wrapped in MY hands and at MY whim but no. No. I will never be.

I wonder who you do wear those heels for if it is not me...


  1. Great short story!
    I've a weakness for fantasies involving women being unfaithful...
    ... which is not the case of your beloved - of course - but who could say... ;o)
    - GordonPym

  2. As far as I know Gordon she is single but sadly she has no interest in me. I am certainly interested but there it will probably stay.


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