Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Abduction of Liz

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It had been an interesting day at work for Liz…

Someone had had the idea to have a '50s themed workday and all the staff was to dress up in clothing from that era. Liz had worked very hard to find the requisite clothing and when the day came she had a 1950s traditional nurse's uniform, hat, white seamed stockings, and shoes of the period prepared and she also decided to spice things up a bit personally by acquiring some vintage foundation wear as well. Not that anyone would know what she was wearing underneath her uniform but she would know and the idea of the gentle constriction on her body pleased her. Not only would it add authenticity to her costume it would also add a distinct sensual aspect of pleasure for her as she worked through her shift.

The thought of her co-workers looking at her outfit and not even begging to guess just how far she had gone to make it totally authentic excited her but she also had found that during her time looking for the pieces that made up her costume she realized how much she wanted to “live” the costume and make it come alive.

Liz went to work and she thoroughly enjoyed the way the nurse's dress slid smoothly over her body as the girdle she was wearing acted to slim out her frame and make her look more feminine than the medical smocks she usually wore. Several “Docs” [doctors] commented on her attire and she became conscious of men passing close to her as she worked. In fact, all this attention was turning her on. On her first break Liz went to a washroom that was relatively private in the bustle of her workplace and entered one of the stalls and hiked her dress up and began to masturbate. She imagined one of the male Docs propositioning her and leading her to the abandoned part of the hospital that was closed for renovations and him simply bending her over a discarded chair, hiking her uniform up and sliding her panties aside and using her. She felt her arousal peak and she came with a deep moan at the thought of her fantasy.

During lunch Liz sat with some of her female co-workers and enjoyed sharing stories of their costume collection process. She smiled at her secret knowledge of just how authentic her costume was and several of her staff members commented on her nurse uniform. She loved this attention and she took pleasure in her secret. And the attention she was receiving was not only from her co-workers. Over her coffee she noticed a man looking at her and she could sense his desire for her. She paused and looked again and she verified his gaze was upon her and very intent. Though it made her a tad uncomfortable she was pleased to draw the attention of another man who was obviously attracted to her or at least her in her retro uniform.

Later that day Liz was bent over a patient attending to a drip and she felt the attending doctor slide behind her using the pretense of watching what she was doing. She could feel the warmth of him against her ass and it reminded her of dances at high school were boy-men would become erect while dancing with her and she would revel in the wonderful sinfulness of this type of attention. This reverie led her to excuse herself and slipped into an empty room to enjoy a brief fantasy.

‘She imagined herself in the darkness of a high school gym dancing with a boy. At first they were both tentative and shy but eventually he pressed himself to her and she could feel him become hard. Slowly she slid her hand to him and rubbed the rise in his pants and she loved the way he moaned in response to her touch. She imagined the slow dance music wafting over her and how she would slowly slip his zipper down and enjoy his wide eyed look as she reached in and held his warm cock in her hand. Slowly she would masturbate him until he came in her hand and she would slowly draw her hand out of his pants and lick his cum off her hand.

In her fantasy she reveled in the idea of the word getting around that she liked to do this and thereafter she was never without a dance partner.’

Once she came she relaxed and calmed herself to go back to work. She had a slight smile of sinful satisfaction for the rest of the day...

At the end of her shift Liz headed for her car in the multi-story parking garage at her hospital. She noticed how her shoes made a clicking noise as she walked and she became conscious of the soft scratching noise that her hose made as she walked. The cool air swirled around her bare thighs making her smile at the naughtiness of her attire and she smile ruefully as there was really no one to share this with. Letting her hand pass over her ass she felt the small bumps that her garter belt made against the dress as her hand smoothed over her body. Pulling her keys from her purse she sighed missing the attraction of a man towards her and her loneliness for a partner swelled momentarily. The jingle of her keys broke her reverie and she bend forward to pull open the door.

Just as she got to the door she felt someone grip her by the elbow and the terse words, "Do as I say," pierced her consciousness. She was firmly guided to a car beside hers with an open trunk and firmly directed by to get into it and the lid was closed on her. Liz realized she had not noticed the car because of the distraction of her thoughts and she mentally admonished herself for being so inattentive. She heard and felt the driver's door open and close and the ignition spun the engine into life and off the car went. It sped into the early evening. Liz lay in the trunk which smelled faintly of engine oil and shifted her body to gain what comfort she could. Passing through her mind was the incongruous thought that oil might be staining her beautiful costume! The car jostled and swayed as it rode over the road and she tried to deign some meaning and direction from the road noises. The car would stop and she surmised that the car was at a stop light and she lifted her fist and pounded on the trunk. Suddenly the car veered right and drove rapidly and with a sharp bump and a skidding of tires, stopped. The door clicked open and thunked closed and then the trunk was opened.

She called out as the trunk opened but a strong hand smothered her cry.

“Stop that!” exclaimed her abductor and then she noticed the roll of duct tape in his hand. Deftly he ripped off a length of tape and used it to cover her mouth. She struggled vainly to get up but the suddenness of the stop had slid her body deeper into the trunk bed and her shoulders were pinned awkwardly against the spare tire. Her abductor used this to his advantage and pulled her roughly over onto her front and pinioned her arms behind her and tied them. She turned to watch and her ankles where bound and he rolled her so she faced the front of the trunk. Now he pulled her legs back and up to her ass and hog tied her so she could not readily move, let alone bang on the inside of the trunk to signal anyone of her dire predicament. She felt his hands on her chin and with a k-bar knife he cut a small slit in the tape over her mouth to assist in her breathing.

Thud! The trunk closed and then the clack and thunk of the driver’s door signaled her abductor’s leaving

The trip resumed and then turned onto a gravel road the car turned. It now bound over what Liz estimated was a poorly maintained gravel road and stopped. The door opened and she heard the trunk being unlocked. A command to close her eyes was given and the lid was raised and Liz felt a blindfold being placed over her eyes and she was helped out of the trunk awkwardly and left lying beside the car.

She wondered who it was who had abducted her and she felt a strange mixture of excitement and fear. The terse, curt commanding words her abductor used somehow tugged at a dormant part of her and she waited quietly for what was next. She heard him speak. He described how he had heard of the uniform theme day at her workplace, how he loved nurse's uniforms and how he had gone to see the women in them. He diligently described seeing her for the first time and loving how her attention to detail made him wonder about her imagination and somehow he had sensed Liz’s sexuality and how it she was expressing it in her dress. His description of what he suspected Liz felt like while researching, acquiring and dressing in the costume was so close it was uncanny. Liz felt flush and excited.

She was shocked by this. She was a victim of abduction! Yet the inexorable pull of dormant thoughts began to rise into her consciousness and she felt part of her rapid, shallow breathing was due to a mounting excitement mixed with arousal and fear of the unknown.

She felt a tension between her tied hands and ankles and then the release of that tension as her bindings her cut. Firm hands grasped her shoulders and lifted her into a kneeling position. She found herself opening her mouth!

Her offering was accepted by this stranger. Liz took his cock and gently sucked it and softly tongued his shaft and immersed herself in his pleasure. She loved him well and deeply and with an attentiveness towards a man’s cock that she had never experienced. Being blind folded accentuated Liz’s senses and tastes and she felt his hands caress your hair and his hips tighten just before he came in her soft compliant mouth. With a deep moan Liz accepted his seed and kneeled, waiting.

She heard a command to stand and Liz did so and then he directed her to stand still. Liz felt her abductor gather up your uniform by the hem and slide it up past her waist. A hand slid between Liz’s legs and pressed against her pussy and she found herself moaning in response. Liz opened her legs and felt for the man's penis and both enjoyed each other's pleasure as each rubbed and fondled the other slowly in the act of sexual discovery. She felt him kiss her for the first time – an aggressive, almost rabid, series of kisses filling her mouth with his tongue. His hands moved from her pussy to her neck and he constricted her throat and she felt a wave of heat between her legs grow and she moaned deeply. A hand released its grip and she felt the sting of the flat of her hand against her cheek and she fell to her knees. Her head searched for his heat, his wonderful cock, and found it and she moved naturally forward as she found the object of her desire. She took his semi-soft cock into her mouth and heard him moan with satisfaction and need and Liz found herself smiling inwardly at how her efforts to please this man resulted in an emotional and then a physical response.

He becomes rigid again and Liz wanted to feel him inside her. She rose, turned and reached out and found the trunk of the car and bent over presenting her body to him. Liz heard his guttural "Yes!" as he beheld her there in the half light of dusk. There Liz was:   uniform dress hiked over her hips, white stocking clad legs spread for him – for him! He reached between Liz’s legs and unfastened the hooks of the gusset of her retro girdle and she felt him lick her pussy for the first time. His tongue probed and explored and his hands fluttered over her ass exploring and gently slapping you. Liz moaned her need and desire and, moving backward slightly, pressed her body against her abductor's face.

"Fuck me! Please!"

A long lick and then silence, "Guide me."

Liz reached between her legs and grasped the man's head of his cock and moved him toward her wet pussy. As he gets closer she grasped his shaft and moved the head between her soft, wet lips and the man took hold of Liz’s hips and thrusts hard. Liz gasped and her body is moved forcibly forward into the cool hard metal of the car trunk and she found her hands and arms splayed over the trunk and he begins to fuck her.


"Oh God. Yes, harder!"

He thrusts deeper and harder in response to Liz’s needs and fills her with his cock. Their bodies meld in a rhythmic motion and very quickly Liz begins to quiver and shudder as an orgasm approaches. The man senses this and thrust even harder and Liz gasps and then cries out as she cums. The man slows down his thrusts as she orgasms and sobs in ecstasy and then as he slides out Liz lets out a plaintive moan of regret because he is still hard and not fulfilled but he guides her to the ground and onto the fast cooling earth as the sun drops lower into the west and Liz finds she is lying on her back, legs open, expectant.

Liz feels him move in between her legs and then his cock is now rubbing her clit and Liz moans as the sweet remembrance of the last orgasm wafts over her brain. She cannot see him. But she can feel him. And she wants more and knows more is coming. She is a little afraid. Afraid of him: this stranger, unknown unto her, afraid of herself for she still feels the pain in her neck and from the harsh slap on her face. The gravel of what must be a country lane presses against her bare ass and she feels that cool air once again playing against her bare thighs.

She smiles and asks, "Why did you pick me."

"Because I could tell you would love being used like this."

And her abductor mounts her once again...

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