Friday, September 17, 2010

My Imperfection

My Imperfection

It reaches out and hurts the one I love
and in its place
Deep darkness and shame
beyond remorse and emptiness

A jewel bright and irridescent
Uncut, rought, wild
Fashioned, shaped refined
Until it value is is beyond any tribute to Troy

I thought she was that jewel
But it was I
her words and deeds reflected back on me
Tenfold. Shaped Me. A coupling

It is crack'd now
My heart
Bleakness knows no bounds
Inside a flaw so rampant

That brought forth
actions of deep regret
A word of remorse and shame
A hope

And the reflection trebles
As she replies with

Oh, deep heart blackens and goes cold
For the flaw in me does not reflect
What is pure in her

Irony strikes as what she gained
from My imperfection
Strikes hard
And sure

I will miss you
My imperfection stays
her reflection transfixed
In my mind

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