Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Stupid Lost Women of

Hi guys haven't been on in a while due to all the b/s if there is a trues Dom looking for one sub to mold and train that lives in a resonable distance please contact me and see if things will happen to make both happy. If only they knew how I agree to everything provided He is happy, in a world in which all that matters is my submission and giving of myself, making Him grateful for an evening well spent, a moment well spent. I'd like to tell people He is my god and devil He is the absolute fantasy of the lover who comes into your life and takes over. With all the strange and mysterious things I don't see coming, which take me by surprise and overwhelm me. I like to find a sincere man to believe that I am His plaything an obedient women here for his pleasure, because He's the man, He's my master.

Looking for long term no bullshit. I am a single mom work full time and not looking for head games and want someone single if interested let me know.


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