Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hosiery Care Tips by Treacle

Treacle as some great advice for you hosiery lovers out there about hosiery care. With Christmas coming you can take her tips and buy good quality hosiery and some of the accessories she mentions like a separate laundry bag to store hose in (or even ziplock bags would work too) and a set of stocking gloves for putting on and taking off your hose.

Perhaps go out and get your significant other some hose that accentuates their attire, a nice hosiery storage bag, and a set of gloves and put in a classy gift box. For the romantically inclined maybe include some nice tapered candles or some other suggestive gift might help initiate something special.

The one tip Treacle forgot to add...

Don't have sex in hose. Especially with me! Finger nails running up and down one's legs while wearing hose apt to lead to runs and ladders. Truth be told. I like ripping them. Maybe have two sets of hose. Everyday wear and sex wear.

She is making a fashion statement after our tryst.

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